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Father's Touch (Second Edition)

Read Fatherís Touch and experience the strength and passion to reclaim oneís life from the darkest depths of humanity. In Father's Touch, you will learn the mind of a child predator, and experience the resilience of the human spirit to survive and heal.

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Mike Lew on 'Father's Touch'

"Father's Touch is an extraordinary book.

I have read many impressive memoirs by survivors of sexual child abuse; many features set this one above the pack. Father's Touch (Second Edition)In addition to his fearless self examination, Donald D'Haene presents excerpts from his father's writings that offer a chilling first person portrait of an abuser's denial, distortions, justifications and rationalizations of his crimes.

D'Haene details the response (ranging from ignoring the problem through outright resistence to re-victimization) by many segments of the community - religious, educational, police, and the legal system . . . This is a book that will stay with you long after you close its covers."

Foreword (excerpt)

". . . As you read this book you will come to know and admire many facets of Donald D'Haene. You will meet Donald as an innocent - a boy victim. And you will accompany him on his heroic journey to being the victor he is today.

From its lyrical beginning through to the end, Father's Touch is the definition of painfully honest . . . This is a work of rare power. . ."

Mike Lew
Author, Victims No Longer
and Leaping upon the Mountains

Mike Lew is the author of Victims No Longer, the first book written for male survivors of sexual child abuse (recently released in a revised and updated Second Edition), and Leaping upon the Mountains: Men Proclaiming Victory over Sexual Child Abuse. A therapist in private practice in Brookline, Massachusetts, he conducts recovery workshops and professional trainings worldwide. Visit Mike Lew at Victims No Longer

Father's Touch (Second Edition)

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