Pedophilia, betrayal, and cowardice
Not just another story . . .
Five Stars

Rudy Spoerer   (dowadiddi)
Top 500 Reviewer

If the title alone doesn't run a cold shiver down your spine then certainly once you hit the first few chapters of this astoundingly disturbing book the story will more than catch the readers immediate attention.

No, it's not just another whining 'survivor' or 'I overcame it all' type of book but rather an in your face account of a four year old boy, victimized, by his pervert father. With superb writing skills, the author takes us back into the mind of that boy as he must, with his mother, brothers and sister, live, unprotected and vulnerable, while his father freely continues to play 'The Game'. As the reader our frustration and anger reach a fevered pitch during numerous parts of the book as we are forced to witness the perversion inflicted on the author and his family of innocents.

The author's family, amazingly enough, members of a very closed and tight knit Christian community of Jehovah's Witnesses, continues to live and interact in the community until the pervert father makes a mistake and tries to seduce one of the brothers who finally brings the pedophelia to the light of day.

Needless to say the author soon realizes that his mother, church elders, teachers and even the police repeatedly betray his calls for help displaying nothing more than indifference and cowardice to face up to a disgusting pervert in the community molesting one of his own sons.

Although certainly not my usual reading fare, I couldn't put this book down or stop thinking about the disturbing content. The authors writing skills are superb, the book is an easy read, maintains the readers interest and the story flows. As well, the author certainly avoids the modern day fashionable pitfall of 'Christian bashing' that seems to be a very very popular pastime of the media today.

I recommend this highly thought provoking work, it places some perspective on that dirty little secret, and, the reader should not expect to walk away from this story unscathed .....